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[IP] Re: site infections

At 01:28 PM 04/09/2000 , you wrote:

Anthony has had only one infection, and that's because he bumped his set on 
the monkey bars on the playground the afternoon we were having our IEP 
meeting.  It wasn't until noon the next day we noticed it was 
infected.  His doctor prescribed an antibiotic ointment called Bactroban 
ointment (mupirocin, 2%).  It's wonderful!

Anthony washes the area only with anti-bacterial soap...no alcohol, and 
only uses the IV3000 tape covering that comes with the softsets.   He uses 
a piece of hypo allergenic silk tape to reinforce the tail.  He is very 
sensitive to tape, and his CDE has found this procedure to work the 
best.  We have had absolutely no problem with the tape sticking or the 
sites coming loose.

mother of Anthony, 11, dx 9-22-95, MM508 since 2-17-2000

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