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[IP] Immunization????

     Sorry son hit the send button.
     I read something about a university doing a study around 2 or 3 years 
ago. Don't remember where I saw it.I think they might have been onto 
something and was wanting input from others that this may have happened to.
     I got my Measles, Mumps, and Rubella shot 2 days shy of my first 
birthday. Well new laws passed and when I was a freshman in high school we 
received a letter over the summer that I could not return to school unless I 
got the MMR shot. My mother told them that it was 2 days before my first 
b-day but they said I had to be a year old. So in August of 1987 I got the 
MMR shot again. By Nov. I was starting to show signs of Diabetes but we just 
did not see the signs until April when it went full blown. I believe that I 
had the genetic genes for diabetes but wondered if perhaps the MMR triggered 
it to come out.
     I am intestered in hearing if anyone else has thought or had this 
happen. Just Curious.
           Rachel :0)

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