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Re: [IP] Re: Illness $ Injections Help!!!!

On Sun, 9 Apr 2000, Lori Kissick wrote:

> Ok list here I am asking for your help as I have no doctor or CDE here to 
> help me.Ryan started not feeling well Thurs. night Friday he did not go to 
> school. He has a really stuffed up nose so it is a cold.Anyway numbers were 
> higher than normal but not too bad. But through the night he started really 
> climbing and had to bolus a couple times through the night.Saturday it was 
> time for a site and cartridge change did that and hoped that would get rid 
> of the highs  WRONG. We would test and  bolus test and bolus on and on. He 
> would come down a little then go high again.Finally when he hit a blood 
> sugar of 27 can. or 486 in us numbers I got out a needle and gave him 5 
> units. I though if he really drops then it must be the set right even though 
> we just changed it. He was not impressed to see me coming with a needle he 
> thought those were a thing of the past.Anyway I am making this so long and 
> my question is when do you know if it is the set should I have just changed 
> it anyway I just hate to waist them.I was thinking as long as his numbers 
> came down the set was working and he had no Ketones through all of this So I 
> assumed it was illness sending sugars so high.So do you go by that if the 
> numbers do drop the set is working but if they just keep going higher the 
> set is no good and needs to be changed????? Sorry if it is long I just was 
> at the point of not knowing what to do and I hate that feeling. Thanks for 
> your help.

Sorry for not <snipping> but it is all relevant. When you have an 
illness, many time your metabolic rate increases dramatically, at the 
same time increasing your body's energy and thus insulin demands. I've 
seen my daughters insulin requirements climb by 50% and more during a 
"cold" or whatever you want to call it. She just cranks up her basals and 
watches carefully for impending recovery -- and cranks them down again. 
The objective is to keep fasting bg's in control. Usually 0.1u to 0.2 u 
per hour solves the problem nicely for us.

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