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[IP] Re: alcohal

I made my intitial experiments with alcohal, as with other recreational
drugs and experiences, at home, following my parents advice that it was
safer there, where help was available should it be necessary. (Mind you,
that advice went for my non-diabetic older sister as well.) 20 years or so
after my initial alcohal "experiments", I continue to feel more comfortable
taking this drug in the safety and comfort of a controlled environment,
where I am not distracted by other environmental stimulus.
When I am out at bars or clubs, I tend to choose one activity at a time - if
I'm dancing hard, or eating luxuriously, or drinking for the buzzy head, I
can deal with the vagaries of bg control, but combining them can be a bit of
a crap shoot.
After years of trying different types of alcohalic beverages, I gave up on
the high-carb variety (i.e. beers of all types - even before diagnosis with
celiac disease which precludes all malt beverages, all mixed drinks, and
sweet wines or brandys) in favor of spirits (tequila, vodka, single malts)
which have a fixed and measurable content and effect, and fewer calories.
After all, if I choose to use a drug for the effect it provokes, I may as
well use the ones that are reliable and provide the fewest negative
As with all exercise and stressors (including social dancing and standing up
for long periods late at night in dark, smoky bars), I drink juice - in my
case, 15 grams of carb for 10 points of increased bg - as needed to boost my
bgs to the appropriate levels before and while engaging in drinking alcohal.
This is much more reliable than soda for all the reasons discussed lately
(unknown carb-content), and less medicinal than glucose tablets in a social
There is a narrow window of safety for me, due to the liver affect of being
"distracted" from its duty of gluco-management when busily catabolizing
alcohal. When I drink wine with meals, I tend to reduce my bolus by a
half-unit or so and test as the meal ends - I may need to add on a bit due
to the fruit content of the wine. If I am drinking in a party or bar
setting, I make sure to have a solid meal in me - including some protein,
fat and complex carb - in me a couple of hours prior. And if I am starting
high, I dance first, and drink only if my bg gets into the safe range -
something one can only figure out with lots of experimentation.
Hoping this is useful to someone out there,
email @ redacted

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