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[IP] infected sites AND behaviour (LONG)

Paddy is doing marvelously on the pump and we LOVE it, but I do have a
couple of concerns.

We are changing sites nearly every day or two.
Pumping since Tuesday the 28th of March, we are on day # 13 here.
So far we have had  7 site changes.  By my count, at every three days we
would have been on site #4 at this point.

#1  Put in first set Tues evening (softset) by Wednesday am he BEGGED me to
take it out.
#2  Changed Wed afternoon to a tender.  MUCH better!
#3  4/1 due, site not infected
#4  4/4 due, slightly  irritated
#5  4/5 looked infected, showed pus on padding/tape when site pulled off
#6  4/7 pus visible through site tape "window"
#7  4/9 could see form across the rom the site was red and inflamed

The delivery is still good, and only once did we change due to what I
thought was poor delivery but turned out to be a malfunctioning bg meter, so
numbers were probably just fine.
The other changes have been because I can see a tiny bit of (sorry) pus
around the site entry point, or a tich of blood in the tubing.
The changes take tops 5 minutes, and we do not hate them too much.  Paddy
even let me try his arm today and it is going well so far.  BUT, (and I know
I should not be doing this) I keep thinking "there goes another $10.00."
His health is worth any amount, but I think there must be a step I am
missing here that he keeps getting these beginnings of infections.  I start
by washing both our sets of hands.  I am cleaning with TWO alcohol pads,
putting skin prep(sticky stuff) down, putting Tegaderm tape down and
sticking through the tape.  All without him touching the site.  He does not
fiddle with them, the tubing is never crimped.  I alternate tummy sites and
sides so the new site is at LEAST two inches form the old on that side.
Left isde, right side, back to left side but at least two inches away, etc.
The tape has never come up, and is always firmly sealed, so much so that he
has a perfectly clean spot on an otherwise typical boy's body!  You know
what I mean!  Remember in Tom Sawyer when Tom cleaned his face in a RING
around the outside?  LOL
So........WHERE are the blamed germies coming from????
He had a slight fever friday pm into sat am, but it cleared without
treamtent.  and not at the site, just his forehead, so probably not related.

Could I prevent this by putting neosporin around the site right after I
insert it and before I press the tape down?   Would that interfere with the
site in any way?  Would the neosprorin, sealed off from air, turn into it's
own breeding ground for germs?  Would it prevent me from seeing through the
little site window properly?

ANY help would be appreciated.  Also, I am sure this has been covered
innumerable times in the archives, but with my vision this way, I find it
difficult to scan lists and such.  If you would like to refer me to a
specific archive I would greatly appreciate at least a hint of where to find
it  (kee hee)

Have any other new pumpers(or parents of) noticed that their behaviour is a
bit, shall we say, dogdy the first bit?  Paddy has been SO much more stable,
but when he is NOT behaving he is REALLY REALLY bad!  Remember that nursery
"There was a little girl, who had a little curl.....and when she was good
she was very very good, and when she was bad , she was HORRID!"
Well, imagine that here, with a 6 yr old boy!

Does not seem to have to do with the "at the moment" bg, but he is having
the first true control in two years. Even in his honeymoon his bgs weren't
this good!!  And no ketones! Whew!

Charisma :)

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