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[IP] Soda Canisters was "Diet Soda"

  On the thread of the regular vs. diet soda mixups, there is another
problem that the restuarant you are visiting isn't responsible for.  That is
that the canisters don't have in them what they say they do.  

For example, I was at a McDonalds where they had serve your own fountain
sodas.  I got my soda out of the "Diet Coke" dispenser.  I tested it as I
always do on the back of a test strip.  It turned black!  So I asked to see
a manager and explained the situation.  She was very nice and couldn't
believe how it could have happened.  She had them check the canisters
because she herself was diabetic and knew what trouble that could be.  She
came out with me and opened the system and we followed the hose from the
dispenser down to the canister which was labeled "Diet Coke".  Confused we
rechecked the line and it was the correct one.  We rechecked the soda and it
was definitely regular.  So she got out a new diet coke canister and hooked
it up to the hose, and then flushed the system so that it was using the new
tank.  That also tested as regular.  A third canister was brought out, and
this one was finally diet.  She was furious and planned on calling the
supplier to complain.  Appparently the canisters weren't correctly filled!

I am not saying that this is often the case, it was just one of those
experiences I thought I should share. ;)  Anyways my lunch was free after
all that.  My husband, then boyfriend at the time, told me I was a cheap
date!  :)

-- Sherry
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