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[IP] Re: I might need some help with this one... long

 That's great she didn't try to hide her diabetes!
Personally, I've found it's easier NOT to. Everyone is
different, and I was 5 when I was d'xed and NO ONE
knew about it until 8th grade (b/c I didn't check bg
at lunch, and in elem. school never had a low...all
that unbelievable stuff to look back on), people found
uot when I kept crashing. 9th grade was the same,
except I palnned daily to check bg at lunch and I
did--but in the clinic..also, everytime I couldnt'
walk straight the teachers (who have AlWAYS been aware
of the D, would not let me go to the clinic alone so a
friend would always be aware).
 Last year was the first year in HS--10th grade--no
probs there either, but I didn't check bg anywhere
other than the clinic..supposedly they wouldnt' have
wanted me too, but looking back that was idiotic and a
HUGE waste of my time. I got a 504 plan this past
summer and now (i'm in 11th grade) everyone knows to
some extent. I'm the only pumper at our school and
KIDS have numerous times accused me of having a pager
(surprisingly only 12th graders) but I just show them
the tubing and explain and no issues...my friends ALL
know, sometimes I wish they didn't, and it's not so
much like I told them but they've just come to learn
after being around me so much--like now i ONLY test bg
in the class (or wherever else i am, library, etc etc)
being open about it all is MUCH easier and for me
better all around.
 Last Friday I had major probs at school...bg up to
500, my mom was NOT home, the nurse was gone (duh! she
always is when I need to get in the clinic), and I
only have humalog at school..but i was so nauseous and
the such that I wanted REGULAR insulin--well, i got
blown off by the secretaries in the office..they let
me in the clinic and by the time i wanted to do just a
pure shot of H they rushed to get back ot the office
so I did NOT get to do that shot....I called my mom,
she wasn't home, and the secs. were ignoring me so I
just walked off.....bg only getting worse and me ready
to puke my guts out, I talk to my teacher (this was
the first summer they ALL got a huge educatino on D
and now they are soooo eager to help and they KNOW
what i'm talking about) and I asked and she figured
the office would agree to let me drive home, grab a
bottel of regular insulin, and come back. She
suggested taking a friend because if they thought I
was "sick" they might not let me drive alone...my
friend and I went to the office...no help, had to go
to attendance office...the lady there knows my mom so
let me go no prob, but had to talk to my friend's mom
to let her go..but couldnt' get ahold of her parent's
so just took her word for it...so, there was trust
there...probably b/c the attendance lady knows a
lot...her older son is a friend of my older sis nad
all that, and she knows my parents, and has dealt with
that particular friends a few times too (come on,
we're honor students, it's not like we're
skipping)...she let us go, my friend drove, i did a
shot, brought the bottle back to school and when I got
a chance changed the whole set...in a rush so I
wouldn't miss 2 classes, but no one ever hassled us. I
know a LOT of friends who would NOT be allowed to go
home for medicine, especially without talking to their
parents first, BUT by having everyone aware to some
extent (that and being a trustworthy person) if
you'rew open about D and the whole nine yards, others
will be willing to help in those emergencies...
 being open has helped..I do have one teacher who I
only have 2nd sememster who does NOT know about the
D., and I had her friday am when the probs
started..she is ignorant, rude, and hardly willing to
let me go to the bathroom (she is also the dumbest
teacher I've ever known...) but most teachers even if
they don't know you are good, but everyone in the
building in general, the more they know the better it
 I'm really blabbing on, but I think being open makes
it easier on everyone--less time consuming on you to
say test in class and not in the lcinic on the other
side of the building...on teachers who don't ask ?s
when you ask to go to the lcinic, they trust that you
do really need to, and on others who know that if
you're acting weird something really IS wrong...
 (oh yeah, another first..I had a set fall out and had
a sub who (they never wanta nyone to leave class) i
wanted to go to the clinci..my Latin teacher left a
note specifically about me (i've had her last year
too) and as soon as he found out that I "was Amy" boy
did i not get hassled...)
  It's easier being open, and if someone really is a
friend (boy or girl) they won't be judgmental, and in
my own experience, MOST people know someone else with
D so it really doesn't seem that unordinary to them...

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