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Re: [IP] I might need some help with this one...oh boy....(long!)

Sounds like you are on the right track with Erica.  I was diagnosed at the 
age of 10 (I'm 34 now) and my family has always been supportive and 
encouraged both my sister (diabetic also) and I to be open about our 
diabetes.  Throughout school all my teacher and friends knew about my 
diabetes.  Everyone was supportive and knew I carried my test supplies and 
candy with me to check and treat lows. This was never treated as out of the 
ordinary.  When I began dating-boyfriends knew immediately (usually prior) 
about my diabetes and I explained as I had with my friends about checking 
sugars, taking insulin, highs and lows etc.  I never had a problem with 
anyone not being interested in what I had to say or not understanding. As I 
entered the workforce I also let my co-workers know about my diabetes.  I 
check bloodsugars at my desk and keep snacks in one of my drawers.  If I look 
like I don't feel well they will ask "are you OK?"  "can I get something for 
you to eat?".  My sister and I always test our sugars where ever we may be 
and treat as needed.  I think being open about diabetes is the best thing for 
a diabetic and those around them.  Good Luck!!

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