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Re: [IP] Shocking news! Need some advice


I'm fairly sure that you will get a lot of advice to get your brother to
another doctor/set of doctors as soon as possible.  Something that might be
helpful for him (if he will go along with it) is to have another person go
see the doctor with him.  I was too young (at 12) to be expected to absorb
it all by myself, but I know from other traumatic diagnoses (sp?) in my life
that having someone along who is at least a little detached from the
situation sitting there listening to what the doctor actually says to do
makes for fewer mistakes and misunderstandings during the initial period.
We are none of us at our best mentally when we've had a shock like that.  If
you or someone who knows something about diabetes can go with him, so much
the better.

Losing/being unable to do his job, at this point, should be low on his list
of things to worry about.  To help it get there, it might help him to know
that DM is a 'disability' according to the government -- employers can't
just fire you for having it and have to make reasonable accomodation (which
includes stuff like time to schedule doctor's appointments, etc.) to his
'condition'.  I don't like to think of DM as a disability, and don't find it
to be much of one in daily life, but sometimes it helps to accept the label,
especially when it gives you one less thing to worry about.

As an ongoing education resource, Forecast from the ADA pretty good.  They
can provide good information and an ongoing list of examples of people who
do both ordinary and extraordinary things while living with diabetes.

I'm sort of curious, though, how his diagnosis came about.  Did they do a
glucose tolerance test or some other one before sending him out to buy NPH
and pills?  Is this his regular doctor?

When we lived in rural Iowa, I found it worth the drive to go to Minneapolis
and/or Iowa City (depending on where in the state we lived at the time) to
the Universities there to get guidance on the diabetes.  The local doctors
were more than happy to cooperate with the university doctor's
recommendations, and treat me for the more 'normal' stuff.  Ideally, all
doctors would know everything about every condition, but my local doctors
were generalists who had to know enough about a lot of conditions, and
worked well with referrels.  That might be an option for your brother as
well, depending on the expertise of doctors close to him.  The universities
also had diaticians, CDEs, etc., all in one place.  If I'd tried to find
them locally, it would have involved a lot of driving to several different

Hope some of this helps.  I know this is hard on you and his wife as well as
on your brother.

Take care,

Kathy Trondsen

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