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[IP] Perspective..yet again...

Greetings all:
    Waxing philosophical here yet again....Reminding everyone to give thanks 
for the priceless benefits of resources such as this IP group. I attended a 
JDF annual educational conference yesterday & was awed to see several parents 
posing questions to the medical expert, only to have other parents seated 
nearby offer even more practical solutions based on their own arsenal of 
trial & error tricks of the trade.....Then I checked out the parents chat at 
www.childrenwithdiabetes.com and found not 1, not 2, but FOUR parents there 
whose kids were diagnosed in mid-February this year!! Instant support, 
instant information exchanged, instant access to other "chatters" whose kids 
were dx'd years ago & are now pumpers, etc etc.... And of course, the circle 
was completed by skimming through the IPers e-mails, gleaning as always more 
insights & helpful hints from your collective wisdom & experience.
   So next time you're frustrated by your physician's inability to "get it", 
shift your perspective & be grateful for all these incredible resources 
literally at our fingertips that ameliorate our ability to deal with diabetes 
in the picture....

Regards, Renee ( who wishes she had these resources 7 1/2 yrs ago when 
Melissa was dx'd & when I thought every "bad" bg was a personal failure on my 
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