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Re: [IP] 507C-No Alarm given for No Delivery---Help!


Have MM check the "piezo spring" to make sure it's functioning properly. A 
careful review of the FDA problem reporting database seems to point to 
missing, malfunctioning or mis aligned piezo springs as the culprit for 
many of these alarm problems. The database is available for on line viewing 
at: http://www.accessdata.fda.gov/scripts/cdrh/cfdocs/cfmdr/search.CFM 
Enter "MiniMed AND piezo" as the search string (no quotation marks).

Bob Burnett
mailto:email @ redacted

At 10:07 PM 4/8/2000 -0400, Kathie wrote:

>I have had three no delivery show on my screen in the last three days for
>which no alarm sounded.  The first one went unnoticed.  The second one and
>third one I noticed because when I went back to bolus more for my meal, the
>no delivery was on the screen but no alarm going.  Each time, I bloused for
>what I did not receive and the pump was fine.  During all this my BG was OK.
>I called MM and they told me to not use the pump.  I explained that this only
>happened when I bloused for a meal.  It is Sat. and they will send me a
>loaner on Mon.  I called my endo and he told me to use H for my meals and at
>bedtime take 8U of N until then if that is what it wished to do.  I changed
>the set and I have not had a problem since then.  What to do.
>I received my first 507C in July, 99.  In Oct 99, MM replaced my 507C because
>it was losing time.  We are now in April and they are going to fix this one
>or let me keep the loaner.  This thing was over 5000.00---1200.00 of which
>was my money.  I am very disappointed and not very confident anymore.  Two
>new pumps with serious problems and now they are going to only fix it rather
>than replace it.  Shouldn't I expect better performance from the pump in this
>short period of time?  I take excellent care of it.  They said they couldn't
>replace if they wanted because they do not make the 507C anymore.

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