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Re: [IP] Shocking news! Need some advice

Dear Kerri.
I am sorry to hear about your brother's diagnosis but am thankful he has
you to help him.
Do you both go to the same doctor? If not I would suggest he changes
doctors, In the meantime, if it is possible encourage him to go to a
diabetes educator, go with him to a bookstore and pick out a couple of
really good books that will help explain diabetes clearly to him. You can
call the insulin companies and get free pamphlets also.
I think a diagnosis over any illness is difficult no matter what gender a
person is.
He really needs a doc/medical team that will help him and be with him
during this time.
I am so sorry he wasn't given any info from his doctor. I sometimes think
some doctors need to go back to school to learn how to tell a patient a
diagnosis and help them through this time or at least they should know who
to direct him to for help.
What oral meds was he given? Being 72 may feel really low if his body has
been used to running at a high number. This was the most scariest feeling
when I was first diagnosed and my BGs were beginning to come down and I
always over treated. I changed doctors and bless my new doctors heart he
sat with me and helped me figure out how to treat that "low" feeling. I
always tested first and he had me keep a baggie with chipped up life
savers. I could take 3 chips and test about 15 minutes later. Once my body
understood it was feeling better at a more normal BG I didn't have to use
that little tool But in the beginning I was always over treating that
feeling even though I really wasn't low.
I hope he now has a BG machine and if he has a computer get him online :)
And I hope he can day one day at a time for now as he is learning. 
I will be thinking of both of you.
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At 11:50 PM 04/08/2000 -0400, you wrote:
>Hi Everybody!
>    I just got some shocking news tonight.  I was just about to go out the 
>door to baby-sit for a two year old diabetic when my phone rang.  It was my 
>brother, he was just told he had diabetes.  He's 30 years old.  As some of 

>you might know my two sisters and myself have been diabetic a number of 
>years.  My brother was told about two years ago that within five years he 
>would probably be diagnosed.  Well, today was the day!

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