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Re: [IP] Biggest Baby/older mom's and unexpected pregnancy

Not sure this counts but my mother's seventh child was born on time, 
vaginally within three hours of getting to the hospital.  My brother weighed 
in at 11 lbs. 2 oz. on February 11, 1962.  Mother did not have a diagnosed 
case of gestational diabetes, she just had big kids.  I was number six and 
was 10lbs. 4 oz a little less than three years before Kent.

I'll tell anyone out there over 40 wanting to have kids, my mom did it three 
times after 40 (actually baby no. 5 was born on July 13th and Mother turned 
forty on August 22nd less than two months later.  All of us, even the first 4 
are mentally fine.  I am the only one with IDDM.  One sister with Type 2.

One more thing.  My second baby was conceived when I was not in the most 
perfect of control. A1c was 8.8.  I think at the time the assay ranges were 
higher than they are now.  If I remember correctly my ob said it would have 
been better if my number was 7.0.  Now he is saying no higher than 6.3.  
Kevin (the second) as well as my first are both A honor role students and 
have very different but cute personalities.

Carole H.

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