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[IP] RE: Pump supplies

>>I had to order new supplies since I was running low.
They came yesterday.  All I ordered was 24 reservoirs and 24 infusion sets.
almost fainted when I opened the bill.  It was 1000.00 for this stuff!!!!!

Hi Dee Dee,
   You've gotten a couple of responses offering good ideas for reducing the
costs. I'll offer this one as a supplement to those, and just in case it
could actually be relevant to your situation. Depending on how much insulin
you use per day, you might be able to use fewer reservoirs. From the order
you described it looked like you have  a system of changing the reservoir
and set at the same time, thus you'd need the same number of each. But if
you were to change those independently, and fill the reservoir to its
maximum capacity, you could get the maximum use out of each. This is
certainly something that varies from person to person, but in my case I use
two infusion sets for each reservoir (cartridge, in Disetronic language)
without any ill effects (despite warnings to the contrary from a pump rep).
Of course, if I ever turned up with a skin infection, I would change
everything out to be on the safe side. Reservoirs are considerably less
expensive than infusion sets, so this wouldn't amount to a huge savings, but
under the theory of every little bit helps, I offer it anyway.


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