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[IP] Shocking news! Need some advice

Hi Everybody!
    I just got some shocking news tonight.  I was just about to go out the 
door to baby-sit for a two year old diabetic when my phone rang.  It was my 
brother, he was just told he had diabetes.  He's 30 years old.  As some of 
you might know my two sisters and myself have been diabetic a number of 
years.  My brother was told about two years ago that within five years he 
would probably be diagnosed.  Well, today was the day!
    He has lost almost 30 lbs since Christmas.  He has been very thirst, 
urinating a lot, not all that hungry (very unusual for him) and just not 
feeling himself.  All the classic symptoms.  I saw him today and he just 
looked horrible.
    He's going through a lot of emotions as we all did when first diagnosed.  
He's very nervous and overwhelmed.  Though the doctors he saw didn't tell him 
anything.  They didn't tell him what to eat, how he would feel if he had a 
low blood sugar, when to eat.  They didn't even give him a machine for him to 
test his blood sugar.  They basically gave him an insulin injection around 
4:30 today and said come back tomorrow morning at 10:00.  They had him get 
two bottles of NPH, no regular and also they had him get pills.
    First of all he's not type two, he's type one.  I don't understand why he 
was given pills.  The other thing is they gave him no information he doesn't 
know what to do.  So I canceled my baby-sitting job and went right down to 
see him.  I brought him an extra machine that I had so he could test.  I 
answered all the questions from him and my sister-in-law.  I tried to think 
of all the things he needed to know.  I'm just so glad that I went and saw 
him because he had a low blood sugar.  He didn't know why he was feeling 
weird.  He started to feel shaky and dizzy so I had him test.  His blood 
sugar was 72, so I had him drink juice and then we ate dinner.  Though he was 
eating later than he should, but he didn't know that.  He was also waiting 
for me to get to his house so I could tell him what to eat.
    I knew it was coming, but it is still a shock.  He's going through so 
many emotions.  I just wanted to know what others think about this and what 
else I can do for my brother.  I'm very concerned about him.  Both he and his 
wife don't know all that much.  Also if any of you guys out there can write 
back and tell me how you dealt with the diagnosis and what advice I could 
give him, I would greatly appreciate it.  I helped one of my sisters cope 
with her diagnosis 7 years ago, but it is a little different with a guy.  My 
brother is also nervous about his job now.  He drives a front end loader and 
he is afraid he won't be able to do that any more.
    Sorry this is so long.  Any suggestions would help a lot.
-  Kerri
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