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Re: [IP] alcohol

Laura, alcohol is OK by itself.  But there are at least two possible
downsides for a diabetic on th e  pump: 1.  You can drink too much and
forget to bolus for the drinks or the snacks :-)  --on MDI forgetting to
eat was a problem too, but that's a nonissue for us pumpers.  2.  If you
havetn' eaten in a while and glucose isn't being extracted from your gut,
then the liver may be breaking down its stores of glycogen to make glucose.
Alcohol can inhibit that process, so your BGs might fall a bit.   But it is
less common to take straight gin or vodka, than it is to have beer, wine or
a mixed drink.  Then there's more than enough carbs to decrease the liver's
production of glucose, even without the inhibition by alcohol.  With regard
to getting a low and a too much alcolhol confused,  I don't know about you,
but I behave quite differently when too low and too drunk :-)  Do you
really get "funny" when low?
P.S.  with some of those mixers in mixed drinks, its really quite easy to
go from 100-300 in a half hour.  Many are just straight sugar.  Margueritas
will to do that to me if I don't bolus in advance.  A Margerita grande has
about 75 g of carb (sugar).

Laura wrote:
>>I'm drinking I don't want everybody to think I'm drunk
and being funny when I'm really collapsing from a
low), and I was fine for a bit, stabilizing right
around 120, but then all of a sudden I shot way way upto 300! why why why???

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