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[IP] Biggest Baby

It's the mother who is at risk for D later in life if she has had babies
over 9 lbs. JayJay was 6 lbs. 15 ozs, and 4 weeks early. He was vaginal.
He probablt would have been over 9 lbs. if he had gone full tem. He was
over 9 by the time he reached his due date. 
Sadie was 9 lbs. 4 ozs, and 1 week late. Had to be induced, and ended
up C-section. Apparently, my pelvic bones are shaped goofy. JayJay was
a forceps delivery.
I am probably at a pretty high risk for type II. Big baby(s), overweight,
family history, blah, blah, blah,

Mom to JayJay
born 2/13/98, dx'd 1/31/99
...sweet as ever

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