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[IP] comments and feeling like Pixie did

I know where you are and were coming from (poor grammar, good thought
sequence). But since I was the only diabetic in my family - for any
generation, I did not even consider not dating someone because they may have
diabetes in their family.  Until I was dxed 1957, at the age of 7, our
family didn't have it either.  We probably did, but it was misdiagnosed.
With the information we have today, I would need to eliminate anyone with
any of the "body attacking itself" diseases - arthritis, etc.  I knew
diabetes was a hidden disease, so I figured it was a 50-50 chance anyway.
Of course, I also only knew two people with diabetics in their family - and
wasn't interested in dating them anyway.

Your choices were widely recommended at the time.  I chose a different
route, because there was no way to prove someone did not have diabetes
somewhere in their past.  [And I never went with the flow, always ornery]
The discovery of insulin was less than 50 years old, record keeping was
localized and the label diabetes was not always accurately applied several
generations prior to our births.

People DXed more recently have forgotten, or been unaware of the cautions we
were given in the 50's.  I was told not to get pregnant - because both the
baby and I would surely die.  Well, my three kids say differently.  I was
told I would go blind, or lose an arm or leg, if I didn't control my sugars.
Well, it hasn't happened yet.  But in the 50's, I saw people, who were dxed
late in life and had probably been diabetes for quite a while before dx, who
had gone blind and lost a limb.  Thank God the tools to take care of
ourselves has improved since the 50's.

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