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[IP] alcohol

Thanks everyone who wrote back. As an update, sugars
stabilized in the afternoon (I put in a new set too),
and I had a much more successful experiment with
alcohol last night. Yes, I know, now all 2000 of you
will think I drink way too much and every weekend, but
before my reputation is ruined, let me say that
actually I rarely drink at all, but I'm in Japan right
now for the semester, which has much more of an
alcohol-centered culture, and just finished my huge
final exam on Friday.  That said, last night I went
out dancing from about 11 till 5 in the morning (I
know, I can't believe I'm awake ...), and had maybe a
beer and a half the whole time.  sugars stayed mostly
normal; i didn't bolus at all for the beer but I
didn't suspend my pump which I might have done if I
weren't drinking.  At one point I did spike up to
around 240 =( but I had also had a high-fat dinner, so
that might have affected it too.  One unit brought me
down to a nice 130 over the next few hours, still
dancing, and cruised home on my bike with the sunrise.
all in all a very satisfactory evening! I guess like
with everything it should just be a process of
controlled experimentation to find what works for me. 


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