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[IP] Diet/Regular Soda Mix-ups (Kinda long)

If I need regular soda in a restaurant or a place where I can get my own 
drink, such as McDonald's...I tend to choose Orange soda, ginger
ale...something that looks totally different than Coke/Diet coke.  That way 
I am positive that I am getting what I want.  I know that if the soda is in 
fact orange soda, it will have the sugar in it.  I avoid the Cokes because 
of the many mistakes I've heard of/experienced with the lines being 
switched.  Just my 2 cents.
    On a totally different note, I want to vent my frustration at my
inability to tell diet soda from regular!!  I've had diabetes for almost 18 
yrs, and if I am pouring most sodas from a bottle, I can tell the 
difference.  If I'm at a restaurant, though, I can't.  I was told this might 
have something to do with the amount of syrup the restaurants put into the 
soda.  Every place is different.  But half of the time I go out, I have to 
let my boyfriend to the "Soda Check."  He can tell the difference right 
away.  I had an experience a month ago while housesitting...I had stocked up 
on Diet Barq's Root Beer, it's really hard to find around here.  Anyway, I 
couldn't figure out why my blood sugars were constantly 500 when I was 
taking so much insulin to get them down.  The site was fine, so I knew it
wasn't that.  I finally decided to check the soda for the hell of it, and 
wouldn't ya know it, I had been drinking a bottle of regular Barq's. Somehow 
the store manager had given me 7 bottles of diet and 1 of regular, and the 
bottles look so similar, I never noticed.  They tasted the same too. And 
with the amount of soda I usually drink ( a 2=Liter bottle/day), that was a 
LOT of sugar!!  The "feminine problem" that resulted (ladies with high 
sugars, you know what I mean!) :(  taught me to always double check the 
bottles!!  But I mean, how stupid of me, I've had diabetes for so long, I 
should know by now to check!  Kelly

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