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[IP] alcohol perspectives from a recent college grad ;)

So back in my wilder days.... I learned some about drinking w/ D:

Your mileage may vary...
1) don't bolus for beer or dry wines
2) bolus about 80% of the carb count for mixed drinks.

I test hourly when drinking... this is especially helpful to see how you
reacted to the last drink (every bar has a different size/different
mix)... also, I require less of course if I am dancing.

You can do ANYTHING as a diabetic - it might just take more work.  Don't
discount alcohol or ANYTHING IN LIFE because of D!!!

Beer and wine if anything cause me a slight dip - but not very

My guess is that the person who originally posted this question snacked
more than they realized - which is easy to do while drinking!

I've *never* had a delayed effect from alcohol - high or low.  Only once
did I run into trouble when I'd had too much, threw up and was low at
the time - sipping the coke was murder but I got through it okay.  Be
careful about staying hydrated w/ water - as we all know dehydration and
high blood sugars are what really doesn't mix!

Susan, who's much tamer now ;)
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