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Re: [IP] Re: alcohol

I do on occasion go to a party or club with my friends and drink.  I have
made it a point to know my "limit" and not get so drunk that I lose all
control.  I have a very high tolerance and stick to certain types of
alcohol.  Beer tends to spike my sugars a lot, and I feel sick after
drinking it, so I stay away from it.  For mixed drinks with juice, I bolus
for half the amount of juice because if it is mixed with something like rum
or vodka that lowers my bg's.  I try not to have too many drinks with a lot
of sweet liqueurs, and if I do I bolus for half.  I only drink when certain
people who know I have DM and know what I look like if I'm low and not just
drunk.  Also, I have had problems going too high and puking from ketones
when drinking, so I try to let close friends know how to tell the difference
between high bg and alcohol sickness.  Basically, I don't overdo it, I make
sure I am around people I trust and that I have made them aware, and I
always eat food before or during drinking.  As for figuring how when and how
much to bolus, unfortunately that was a matter of experimentation.  It's
difficult to have fun with all the guidelines and worrying, so lately I have
just stuck to one drink and spending the rest of the evening making fun of
the drunk people :)  Good luck.

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