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[IP] Not quite so bummed!

Haven't heard yet from my doctor as to my test results and what they're 
planning on doing, but I have talked to my sons CDE/Diabetes case manager 
and she pulled up my test results for me on the computer.

My fasting bg. was 158 ......above normal levels
HbA1c was 6.7   ......within normal ranges, but just

She thinks I'm probably prone to diabetes or at least on the verge of 
developing it, but she feels the timing of my blood sugar rising coincides 
with the stress we're going through with my son's school district, and all 
the legal mess we're having along with it.  Since she witnessed the 
admission by the doctor and the school nurse at the IEP of withholding 
treatment for a hypoglycemic episode at school, she's fully aware of the 
circumstances of stress surrounding us right now.

I've really been making a concerted effort in limiting the amounts of carbs 
in my diet since the tests earlier this week.  My fasting bg. yesterday 
morning was 97 and 82 this morning.  I know the doctor will probably want 
me to continue to watch my diet and exercise and try to control this 
without medication as long as possible.  I certainly could afford to lose 
the weight.

On the other hand, my brother who is type 1 since he was 30 (now 56) is 
going in for eye surgery in a couple of weeks to try and save his 
eyesight.  He won't do blood tests any longer....he says he's tired of his 
fingers hurting.....he just takes his insulin shots everyday, not really 
know how much he needs at the time.  He's been in denial since day one!  I 
wish he could take some notice to how well Anthony is doing with the pump.

Sue, Torrance CA
mother of Anthony 11, dx 9-22-95, pumping MM508 since 2-17-2000, and 
Juliana, 13, a normal, healthy 13 year old....yikes!

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