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Re: [IP] water bottles--one that LASTS???

I am a big fan of water bottles.  It started in my soccer days.  I have
TONS of them by this point.  I always have one on me it seems.  Here are a
list of my favorites.

1. Rubbermaid Sports Chug (or something like that, the lid is a flip lid
without a straw... it comes in two sizes... they also have a very similar
line that has a straw, but I always seem to loose it).  This is my "main"
waterbottle.  It stays in my backpack for the most part.  It has been
dropped, banged, exc multiple times.  I've never had a problem with it
cracking or breaking.  It is also lightweight and cleans up very well (some
seem to hold the flavor in the bottle after you clean it).
2. Hydration packs.  Now this is mainly for when I go backpacking or
canoeing.  It also works very well in a car situation.  It is more or less
a bag with a tube attached to it.  You bite the end of the tube and suck.
There are some that have little backpack containers to slide the pack in.
I just stick it in my backpack, or the bottom of the canoe, or the pocket
that is on the back of my seat in my car.  You can find them in camping
stores and I have even seen them in Target.
3.  Nalgene bottles.  Now I'm not a huge fan of these.  It is once again a
camping type thing.  My roommates love them.  They are more of a hard
plastic, are heavier, and have a screw lid top.  We have never had one
break.  These are also more expensive.

Maureen and Jude
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