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Re: [IP] New pumper needs help!

My son just started 2 days ago. He is 11. We used iv prep first.Then placed 
an opsite down. went through this with the softsert,micro. then placed the 
dressing with the hole in it that comes with the softsert, over this and 
haven't had any problems with them coming off so far. with skin probems you 
cold get a skin barrier product such as "skin prep" from Smith + Nephew, 
Inc.Theres also one put out by Hollister that people with ostomies use that 
are quite good. Ask at a pharmacy or med. supply place and they should be 
able to help you get one of these products. Good luck.

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>Subject: [IP] New pumper needs help!
>Date: Fri, 7 Apr 2000 08:35:15 EDT
>My son Jacob started on the pump with saline on Tuesday and most everything 
>has gone smoothly except for dealing with the adhesives for the insusion 
>site.  My son's skin is very sensitive and he has complained that the skin 
>under the adhesive is itching - this tends to happen any time he has a 
>bandaid on also.  The other problem we are having is getting the adhesive 
>to stick.  It started coming off a little after the first bath and so I put 
>some IV 3000 over it but the second bath did that in too and the tender 
>actually ended up coming most of the way out.  I would appreciate any 
>suggestions.  We start insulin monday!  Thanks                    Stephanie
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