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[IP] Pump Supplies

I am 26 years old and have had diabetes for 20 years now.  I am currently on 
my third pregnancy and my endocrinologist strongly recommended the Insulin 
Pump for the tighest control possible.  I have been on it for about a month 
now.  I have the MiniMed 508 and I absolutely love it!  The only thing I am 
concerned about is :  I had to order new supplies since I was running low.  
They came yesterday.  All I ordered was 24 resevoirs and 24 infusion sets.  I 
almost fainted when I opened the bill.  It was 1000.00 for this stuff!!!!!  
Even though my insurance is covering it, I am thinking long term.  Our 
insurance will only pay  1 million dollars for a lifetime.  At this rate, I 
will reach that mark in the next ten years assuming that nothing else should 
go wrong!!! Then I am stuck with no insurance.  I am sure anyone that is a 
Type 1 diabetic knows the cost of buying a seperate insurance policy.  You 
would have to be Bill Gates to afford it.  Like I said, I am only 26 and do 
intend on living a long happy life what happens if by the time I am 50 I dont 
have any more insurance?

Has anyone else addressed this issue with their health care provider or 
insurance companies?  Is there anywhere to purchase these supplies for 
cheaper.  I would greatly appreciate any input anyone has.  I love pumping 
and really want to continue doing so, but I just cant take the risk of not 
having any coverage in the future. 

Dee Dee
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