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[IP] horribles highs and lessons learned...

My site looked fabulous thursday - for some unknown reason I thought I
had changed it on tuesday... no such luck, it hadn't been changed since
saturday (found the needle - only the tubing was gone from the
package).  Usually my sites look bad after 3-4 days but this one was
beautiful, so I had no inkling of problems.

Well I woke up friday morning at HI.  And this is what I did wrong to
warn people not to do it this way!!!  I crashed my blood sugar back to
normal way too fast.  I took an injection of humalog (had trace ketones)
of 12 units - after almost two hours that had brought me to 330 range. 
>From there I took another five.

I was fighting strong nausea and didn't even want to sip water!  By the
time I was in the 300's I wasn't so nauseous and decided that I'd get up
and take a shower, and go to work where my new batteries were (I was
also on low battery and at the time hadn't figured out that my set had
actually been in for six days, I thought the low bat might have had
something to do with it).

I get in the shower and about 5 min in I get extremely nauseous and then
WHAM - so dizzy that I clutched the shower curtain, spun around and
whacked my head on the shower wall.  I did the quick 10 s rinse off, got
out and laid on the floor to regain my composure, willing myself NOT to
throw up.  I got up, got dressed and told my roomie that I needed to go
to the health center... the funny thing is, that from there on out, I
felt great.  By 10:30 I was 43, took 1/2 a regular soda and stayed
stable the rest of the day.

Lessons learned:  never wear a set for six days.  Use REGULAR to treat
highs (I've been told this but had never gotten around to buying some) -
regular will not crash you quite as fast and according to a med student
friend, has been shown to be more effective in getting rid of ketones. 
Lastly - tell your roomate if you have one what's going on - if I had
had a more serious fall in the shower, it could have been very bad...

Please keep the "you should have..." comments to yourself - lord knows
I've already considered them all!!!

Go buy some regular folks!!!
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