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No Subject

This my first time posting to the digest and I wanted some input about how
to become less insulin resistent. I am trying to lose some weight which I
know is a big factor but would love some different ideas.  I am on MM 507C
and have a carb ratio of  6:1 and take between 60-70 units a day depending
on if I have some stupid infection somewhere.
Most of the time I don't know that I have an infection (sinus, etc.) until
my Bg go up and I have to go into the doctor and tell them I think I have an
infection because of my BG's.  I of course check the pump, insulin, meter
and try to be very thorough even though I am trying not to get upset because
of BG's are high.
An incident happened right after Christmas where my BG's were high before
Xmas and my FP put me on an antibiotic and told me that if they were still
high in three to four days to come in again.  Well he's a military doc and
was on leave so I had to see some bozo and she looked over the info and told
me that there was nothing wrong with me and it was my diabetes.  And was I
stressed out about anything, the holiday's etc.  Well of course I was
stressed out but not about the holiday's, about my BG being in the 300's for
four days!  She suggested that I see my Endo which I did the next day and he
told me that i had an infection(sinus) and it was not my diabetes.  Why
don't doc's listen to their patients who know how they feel?  The anitbiotic
kicked in the afternoon of my visit with the bozo and my BG was 93 by supper
Have any ideas about becoming less resistent please let me know.
Don't have a name for my pump either, never thought about it but now I am
thinking ...
DX'D 3/85
Pumping since 4/20/99

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