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Re: [IP] alcohol

This subject comes up from time to time. A check of the archives might pull 
some up some better explanations, but here's my attempt at a quick synopsis:

Think of the liver as your body's main "de tox center". When you drink 
alcohol, the liver concerns itself primarily with ridding the body of the 
alcohol "toxins" - it doesn't worry about producing glucose. Hence, the 
tendency for your BG to drop when you drink alcohol. As the body rids 
itself of the alcohol, the liver will re focus its efforts on glucose 

Adding insulin to the equation (bolusing for carbs in the liquor) can add 
to the problem, since the liver isn't producing glucose while it's working 
on getting rid of the alcohol.

There's a bunch of variables that can come into play here - time, activity 
levels (softball during a picnic with beer, for example), body composition, 
total amount of alcohol consumed and overall health.

I've always maintained that alcohol is very much a YMMV area - for everyone.

Bob Burnett
mailto:email @ redacted

RoseLea wrote:

>According to my carb books, straight alcohol has no carb count, although it
>can affect blood sugars.  A mixed drink would require figuring carbs for the
>mix part of the drink.  Beer and wine both have carb amounts.  You can check
>any carb counting book for carb counts of alcoholic beverages.
>Type 1 for nearly 37 years, still waiting for insurance approval...

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