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[IP] Re: alcohol

Laura wrote:

>>I'm drinking I don't want everybody to think I'm drunk
and being funny when I'm really collapsing from a
low), and I was fine for a bit, stabilizing right
around 120, but then all of a sudden I shot way way upto 300! why why why???

As far as I understand it, alcohol can lower blood sugar shortly after
drinking it (that's why a person gets drunk) and then will raise it later
when the liver kicks in (that's why a person ends up with an awful
hangover).  I think of it kinda like protein, no carb count for it, but it
will affect blood sugars during and later if you consume an excess of it.  I
do enjoy a glass of wine, especially with dinner, rarely drink mixed drinks
anymore (although an occasional barcardi and diet coke is nice) and I've
never much liked beer.  Since I've never drank in excess, I can't comment on
it affecting blood sugars, I only know what I have read.  As always YMMV...

Type 1 for nearly 37 years, still waiting for insurance approval...

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