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Re: [IP] Medicare and Pumps

In a message dated 4/7/00 9:40:55 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< Well, I became eligible for Medicare on April 1 just as pumps did. I went 
 today to my endo and had blood drawn for a C-Peptide to be run and after 37 
 years will learn if I am actually Type I. At least by Medicare standards. 
 If not I will just turn in my handy dandy decoder ring. In talking to 
 MiniMed to get info on the criteria I asked about insulin coverage. The 
 only insulin to be paid for by Medicare right now is Velosulin and that as 
 a pump supply. There will still be no insulin coverage for MDI. MiniMed is 
 in contact with Medicare about including Humalog as the majority of their 
 pumpers use Humalog. I am the first for my endo so I get to do all the leg 
 work, maybe I will learn something along the way. For the most part 
 everything I found on the internet was right even though when called prior 
 to April 1 the Medicare reps had no official knowledge of it. When I find 
 out I will let you know if I am still in the club (C-Peptide). >>
    Jim I have also begun the Medicare trip. They have a 3 page DR's request 
form. I was told 3 days ago by my DR the 7.3 A1c was as low as we would go as 
Medicare will turn down any one with a 7.0 or below. Go figure I worked hard 
to get 7.3 and now I must not go lower. I am lucky as I have BC/BS as a 
second insurance so supplies will be at most a CO-pay. Disetronic is handling 
it all for me. If any new information comes up I will let you know.Roger C dx 
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