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Re: [IP] Rude comments (continued)

In a message dated 4/7/00 8:34:03 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< eh... heh.... as I recall, when I was in college, my fraternity 
 brothers would try to "selectively breed" anything with skirts. Of 
 course, they were pretty much "culled" out by the smart ladies.
 email @ redacted >>
Ditto Michael! I was lucky not to have had the problems Jan had, but did 
endure some harsh times in the 50's + 60's. I was also lucky to have a 
wonderful 18year old female 33 years ago. She blessed me with 2 boys who 
after 30 + years show no sign of DM (thank the LORD).I was told by DR Joslin 
there would be a cure someday in the distant future. I have never given up 
that idea. Roger C dx 47
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