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No Subject


I was wondering what people's experience with alcohol
is. Last night I went out with a bunch of friends and
drank maybe a little too much; however I thought I had
covered for the carbs. (I wasn't drinking any of those
sweet mixed drinks either, only some beer and a gin
and tonic). So I kept checking my sugar every hour or
so (cause I'm paranoid like that, and especially if
I'm drinking I don't want everybody to think I'm drunk
and being funny when I'm really collapsing from a
low), and I was fine for a bit, stabilizing right
around 120, but then all of a sudden I shot way way up
to 300! why why why??? are there some hidden carbs in
there? does anyone have a carb list for drinks?
so i was wondering about that. i think part of it
might be that lately i have majorly been riding the
rollercoaster (and hence feeling like the brown
stuff), and overtreating, and not being patient enough
to wait it out. (yes! let's see how many points that
sugar can change over the course of a day! whoo-hoo!
watch as the altitudes of the graph get ever
greater!!) ugh........ so that may have been a factor
in last night's high, but still i was wondering about
the alcohol.  thanks for anyone's advice/experience.


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