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Re: [IP] Type 2 w/ pumps

My endo believes that any person on diabetes no matter what type who is on
MDI ought to be on a pump.  If he wants to go on a pump I would encourage
Where I live we have all insulin types on pumps. Thank Goodness!!!!!!!!
PS I am trying to talk my mom into a pump...she is 74 and her doc has her
on 70/30 (?) 2 times a day..no R to help with those inbetween highs..she is
feeling awful from the swings.
But one problem is she has brain damage from the anesthesia from her heart
surgery and she cannot remember that her BG machine is her BG macine, She
thinks once she has stuck her finger she has given herself her insulin. It
would be so much easier on my dad since he is her caregiver and he has
parkinsons so it is quite a job for him to have to constantly keep an eye
on her and whether she took her insulin and he has no way to bring down a
high because her doc said no R. I went and bought them some to have on hand
and told him to use the sliding scale. The lack of medical care where they
live is really sad.
So he is constantly calling me. If I could afford it I would buy mom her
pump and get her to another city but we live too far away for me to drive her.
Off my soap...

At 12:20 AM 04/08/2000 -0400, you wrote:
>Ok, so I dont know everything YET
>but a friend of mine has D since he was 35 - he is 59 now and wants a pump.
>he takes 30 - 70/30 @ breakfast
>20 R @ dinner/supper
>and 30 Nph at bedtime.
>still he runs 200+
>If you have to use insulin  - is there a reason a person shouldnt have the 
>Anyone 1 else out there who has used 3 different insulins and then started 
>Please e-mail me at email @ redacted
>Thanks Darlene - Kap's mom and advocate for pump.

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