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[IP] Dropping and testing sodas

   JayJay is on NPH and diluted Humalog. I don't try to keep him in some
tight little range, either. I'm totally happy with anything below 200
and higher than 100. I will ask his endo about other types of insulin,
if he ever decides to return any of my calls. So far, I really like this
guy, and I don't want to run out and find a new doc just yet.
   As far as getting more pokes in one day...so what! He already gets
tested at least 8 times a day, anyway. 2 shots per day, minimum, too.
So, a few more won't hurt.

   For all you folks out there who use used test strips to test sodas
and stuff....how do carry around used strips in a sanitary manner?  Someone
told about doing this back when JayJay was first dx'd, but I didn't think
too much of it. Guess it does work, huh?


Mom to JayJay
born 2/13/98, dx'd 1/31/99
...sweet as ever
BTW, whoever said that you have to actually request unsweetened iced
tea in the south, is absolutely right!

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