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Re: [IP] diet sodas

I agree that it is outrageous the number of times this happens, at least I 
look at it this way, diabetics can at least correct if they get regular 
instead of diet, but if a diabetic is hypo, and gets diet that could kill 
them by not getting the sugar they need, but under NORMAL circumstances there 
is time for a diabetic to realize the mistake and get the regular.  On the 
other hand, people with hypoglycemia, the opposite of diabetes, who's bodies 
make too much insulin, can be killed in a matter of 10 minutes if they get 
regular instead of diet because it causes their bodies to instantly make even 
more insulin- no buffer zone there for  them like there is for us.  Maybe if 
the two groups (DM's and Hypoglycemics) band together we can get the fountain 
industry to put different fittings on the diet hoses?  something like the 
different nozzles on the leaded/unleaded gas pumps?  Any engineers got any 
ideas out there?

aka Mouse
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