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[IP] Type 1, 2, 1.5, weird, NOS, ...

I perfectly understand the differences between type 1 and type 2 (I don't
think anyone completely understands 1.5, weird, NOS (not otherwise stated)
and any other catergory there can be).  However, no matter what type you
have, elevated blood glucose levels can cause the same complications.
Mothers that have given birth to their children and mothers that have
adopted their children have the same end result... they have a child.
Granted the process of getting there is very different.  The process of
raising the child is different, but that has little to do with how they
became a mother.  Each child's personality needs to be factored in.  No two
people's diabetes can be treated the same either.  I think you could get
about as far being a textbook diabetic as you could being a textbook
parent.  You might find books for specifically type 1 or type 2, or the
female diabetic or the man, or the single parent, the older parent, the
working parent or the homemaking parent... but none of these really can
completely describe an individual.

I do not like seeing our diabetic community split of the issue.  It is
stupid.  The only time it really should make a difference is if a cure
comes a long.  Some cures that might work for type 1, would probably not
work for type 2.  For type 2 with still functioning pancreases, there might
be a cure that would work for them, but not for those of us who don't
produce insulin.  I'll be more philisophical about that when that bridge is
actually being crossed.

I wouldn't rather be any type of diabetes.  Somedays I don't want to be
dyslexic.  I went through a phase when I didn't even want to be a girl (I
decided boys pee cooler, and I wanted to pee like that- I was 5 what do you
expect?  :-)).  I didn't get a choice in any of them.  Would you rather be
blind or deaf? Huh?  I would rather be neither.  But thanks for asking.
You know someday someone might stop me on the street and make me choose
that (very sarcastic).

When I start talking to a person with diabetes, I usually focus on what we
have in common.   Regardless if they are type, I find I react more to their
lack of education than anything else.  Unfortunately, I've run across a lot
more type 2 with no idea (but they are also the majority of us).  Don't get
me wrong, I really like talking with people my own age with diabetes,
particularly if they are in a similar situation.  But I think that has a
lot more having to do with I just identify with them more.  I also am
gravitated towards people who are my age and have similar interests.  Or at
least have similar interests.  There are things that I might be able to
better relate to another person who has type 1.  But I don't want to limit

Any type, we recieve blame for the disease.  We have to fight for our own
treatment.  I have many people assume I have diabetes because I was
overweight.  I never have been.  And even if I was, it still isn't my
fault.  If/when I have complications, I know I will be blamed by many
"because I didn't take care of myself".

For all (I think) of us here, we are more or less in the same boat for the
time being.  We need insulin.  We are or are trying to use an insulin pump
to do this.  We are more educated than our peers, and even our "superiors"
at times.  While discussion is good, I think it is very important to
remember that if we stand (shout) together, we will be stronger.  We can
all support each other, regardless of type.

Maureen and Jude (dx 10/24/94, pump 4/6/99)

To be who you are and become what you are capable of is the only goal worth
living.  -Alvin Ailey
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