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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V4 #78

Hi everyone...

just had to say that my "fear" of having blood show up in my tubing finally 
happened and I survived... i've had a remarkably smooth start up and all my 
sites have gone in and out without a hitch... so I've just been WAITING for 
the first one to gush or whatever... andtoday when i changed my set it was a 
bit uncomfortable.. but sometimes I can't tell where my pain is coming from 
and often its just an unrelated side cramp or something... but I looked down 
and saw blood in the tubing.. so i dont' know if i was supposed to just take 
it all out and start again.. but thats what I did.. and this one is fine.  

Is this the recommended thing to do? or is this something ill just get used 


ps. thanks to everyone for their suggestions and comments about the resevoir 
tips and so forth.. i haven't tried it at 300 units yet, but as soon as I 
have a chance to take out the plastic adapter thingy I will give it a go!  
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