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Re: [IP] Rude comments (continued)

here is the rudest thing that every happen to us we  were outside of wal
mart collecting
  donatons for diabetes walk .
i had a picture of my two kids and was showing it.
i old lady walked and said well after the first comes down with diabetes you
should of have gotten the hint and quit having children. i thought i was
going to hit her. i had to walk off from her.
what she did not realize was my baby was dxed first and that is not for her
to say whether we should have more kids or not.
becky hobbs
mom to nathan 4yo dxed 2/97 and chelsey 7yo dxed 9/99
both pumping and loving it
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> At 06:55 AM 4/7/00 Kelly Jemo wrote:
> > >Shortly after my diagnosis at age 5, my mother ran into
> a friend
>  >>from high
>  >>school who asked my mother if she would be divorcing my
> father.  When my
>  >>mother asked her, "Why would I do that?" the woman
> replied, "Well after all,
>  >>diabetes runs on his side of the family, doesn't it?
> He gave your daughter
>  >>diabetes?"  I don't think my mother has spoken to that
> woman since that day
>  >>18 yrs ago!!  Kelly
> Whenever anyone says anything like this, they should
> immediately know what a moron they are, as your mother
> did.
> > I don't think that most of us practice eugenics when we
> marry. Most modern
> > civilized people don't practice (or believe in)
> selective breeding... we
> > are not cattle or sheep, after all. If we were to do
> this seriously, then
> > very almost nobody would ever marry and the population
> would drop
> > considerably. How many people do you know that have
> perfect genetic
> > makeups? Personally, I'd say 110% of us are imperfect in
> some way... if
> > it's not one thing, it's something else... could be
> cancer, heart disease,
> > and who knows what.
> My whole family would not exist:
> - Father, brain hemorrhage age 30, iq dropped from 145 to
> 75 including partial paralysis.  Zero quality of life,
> although he did live till age 72.
> - Mother, myasthenia gravis including misdiagnosis
> (treated as 'nervous breakdown' shortly after my father
> went in a  coma and my brother was in a isolation in a
> polio machine), she died at age 39.
> - Brother, died from cancer at age 29, with a tube down
> his nose pumping out his lungs.
> - Brother, polio in '56, survived.  The lucky one.
> - Me, dm age 18, '66.  I guess I would have been selected
> out, because I would get diabetes.
> I am hoping that the current fad with gene mapping, etc.
> will lead to cures, and treatment, before birth.
> > It's amazing the ignorance that's out there... hmmm!! I
> > wonder if that's inherited. <vbg>
> Has anyone heard of 100+ trimester abortions?  Not for the
> afflicted, but for the morons that would say such
> things((g) but just kidding).
> > So, you does your best, you takes your chances and you
> loves all the
> >children you got. :-)
> > Sam
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> Jack Granowski
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> optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.
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