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Re: [IP] In Touch Software

I have the software and find it very helpful to see where I need to get 
better control. I am not on the pump yet but I think either way the software 
would be good for you son. There are many graphs you chose from. The thing 
that really sold me was not having to write stuff down to give to my dr. I 
just made sure, at the time, that when I am checking my Blood sugar I punch 
in my insulin dose and such on my meter. Later while on the computer I just 
plug my machine into my computer and hit what reports I want to see. I could 
put in any start date and an end date and it will print a report for me. 
Then I give it to my dr. The software is not hard to set up and it is 
amazing that my computer can read the data from my One Touch Profile machine 
and give me results. I was glad that I forked out the money. I got the 
software when it first came out, They updated, and sent me the updated 
version .... no cost to me. This is my 2 cents. Good Luck!


>Does anyone use the In Touch Software to download data from the Lifescan
>meters?  Do you find it helpful?  I'm considering ordering it, hoping to
>encourage my son to look for patterns and strive for better control.  He is
>17 and was diagnosed at age 13.  He has been pumping since August '98.  I
>would appreciate any feedback from those who have used the software.  I 
>want to invest nearly $70 before I know if it would be useful to us.
>Thank you,
>Betsy Smith

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