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[IP] (Fwd) comments & feeling like Pixie did

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From:          "JHughey" <email @ redacted>
Subject:       comments & feeling like Pixie did
Date:          Fri, 7 Apr 2000 17:40:56 -0500

IP Listers,
The comments that keep running seem to cross over into a post I sent.
I feel like Pixie being the brunt of the replies. I want to clear up a
few things from my statement in case others were offended besides my
*private* poster:

1) I was dx'd in 1950 at age 11 - given no hope of living and we
didn't have a lot of info. We had insulin and pee tests. Period.

2) ALL (?) girls make a *list* of what they want in a guy. With the
info available to me and the statistics at the time, HIGH on my list
was a guy with no DM in his family. I intended to get married and have
a family even though my demise was dangled in front of me often. I was
doing the best I could. MY choice. My list. (I also wanted a tall
dark-haired guy and he wanted a blond. Check out our pics on the
member list).

3) It was five (5) years before I met another young person with DM and
thought I was the only *weirdo* in the world. Then I knew there were

4) A sentence in my original post said: I didn't want to do that to
any children.  Some people could not understand that DIDN'T means PAST
tense. We're talking 4-5 DECADES ago!!

5) No home BGs, only one shot a day of U80 NPH/Regular and pee tests.
It was tricky having healthy babies. My first one was 10# and not too
well off. The 2nd one (10 mos. & 14 days later) almost died. It was
devestating. They are both healthy adults now and I have 4
grandchildren. Several DMers I now know from that era deliberately had
no children. I felt fortunate to get 2 live births.

6) At 11, my dr. told me a lot of things would come along in my
lifetime that would help DMers, but nothing would ever help me. Does a
kid argue with adult medical statistics?

7) In MY brain, AT THE TIME, the way *I* handled it was to NOT date
anyone who had DM in his family. Your choice may have been different.
That was MINE>

I'm sorry if this has been hard for some to understand. You do it your
way - I *DID* (and I emphasize *D*I*D*) it my way. If you are offended
by the way I handled MY situation 4 decades ago, maybe other help
should be sought.

Sorry this sounds harsh, but my personal experience and the way I
handled my own situation was merely a matter of info and certainly
should not be taken as putting someone else down. I should have had
the forethought in 1950-60 that cyberspace would come along and I'd
still be here and be careful of the choices I made at the time in case
I'd offend someone. 8^| Jan (60 y/o, T-1 11/5/50, pmpg 8/23/83)

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