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Re: [IP] can you trust Fast Food Soda??

Yes, I know this happens all too often...

When I was first diagnosed at 15, I couldn't tell any 
difference between diet and regular (my family had just 
been buying whatever was on sale at the time).  After 
one year of sticking exclusively to diet I had occasion 
to drink half of a regular (low BG).  YECH!!!! Can you 
say disgusting?  Maybe it was the insulin talking but 
it felt like raw syrup in my mouth.

Nowadays, I'll usually order a diet cola ('cause plain 
cola is all most places carry in diet) and all too 
often, the waiter/waitress will bring back a regular 
and I'll have to be like, "No, I can't drink this, I 
asked for a diet."  

On these occasions I tend to 'reward' the restaurant in 
question by doing my injection publicly and making no 
effort to conceal it from the other diners.  Not really 
fair to the other patrons I'll admit, but it tends to 
make management uncomfortable.


> Since this thread of testing sodas on test strips has 
persisted, I thought
> it might be interesting to add this info.
> I remember reading an article, even many years before 
my son was dx'd with
> D
> but it stuck in my head as I was dieting..
> it detailed a study wherein the researcher asked the 
resteraunt to allow
> them to see the hoses leading to the boxes of syrup.  
When checked
> something
> like 76% of the resteraunts were careless as to which 
box led to which
> dispenser nozzle.  In other words, diet was often 
regular and regular was
> often diet.  Now, the one way(regular is diet) would 
be bad if you were:
> sensitive to aspertame
> looking for sugar as a quick pick me up
> hated the taste of diet
> the other was equally as bad (diet to regular) if you 
> bolusing/dosing for carbs but didnot know to include 
the "diet" soda
> And, from my experience working for a gas 
station/store I know that is very
> true.  We were told to keep all nozzles running, even 
if they had to be
> filled with diet in regualr, regualr in diet and even 
another soda in a
> different brand's nozzle.
> Frustrating.  Something to consider next time you 
have flukey readings
> after
> meal/dispensed drink out on the town.......
> Charisma :)
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