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Re:[IP] New pumper needs help!

>Date: Fri, 7 Apr 2000 08:35:15 EDT
>From: email @ redacted
>Subject: [IP] New pumper needs help!

>>>My son Jacob started on the pump with saline on Tuesday and most
everything has gone smoothly except for dealing with the adhesives for the
insusion site.  My son's skin is very sensitive and he has complained that
the skin under the adhesive is itching - this tends to happen any time he
has a bandaid on also.  The other problem we are having is getting the
adhesive to stick.  It started coming off a little after the first bath and
so I put some IV 3000 over it but the second bath did that in too and the
tender actually ended up coming most of the way out.  I would appreciate
any suggestions.  We start insulin monday!  Thanks                   

When I started pumping in January I too had a problem with skin itching and
adhesives.   I got the IV3000 for the itching but decided it was just too
much to have to stick to myself at one time. So, I waited out the itching. 
After a while my body got used to the stuff and no more itching. All is
well.  If he can stand that you may want to give that a try.  And as for
the adhesives actually sticking...... well, I think this tip was posted
again yesterday and I can also vouch for what it does, USE THE BLOW DRYER
ON IT AFTER YOU GET OUT OF THE SHOWER.  It sticks like brand new.

Sheila Morris

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