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Re: [IP] Rude comments (continued)

At 06:55 AM 4/7/00 Kelly Jemo wrote:
> >Shortly after my diagnosis at age 5, my mother ran into
a friend
 >>from high
 >>school who asked my mother if she would be divorcing my
father.  When my
 >>mother asked her, "Why would I do that?" the woman
replied, "Well after all,
 >>diabetes runs on his side of the family, doesn't it?
He gave your daughter
 >>diabetes?"  I don't think my mother has spoken to that
woman since that day
 >>18 yrs ago!!  Kelly

Whenever anyone says anything like this, they should
immediately know what a moron they are, as your mother

> I don't think that most of us practice eugenics when we
marry. Most modern
> civilized people don't practice (or believe in)
selective breeding... we
> are not cattle or sheep, after all. If we were to do
this seriously, then
> very almost nobody would ever marry and the population
would drop
> considerably. How many people do you know that have
perfect genetic
> makeups? Personally, I'd say 110% of us are imperfect in
some way... if
> it's not one thing, it's something else... could be
cancer, heart disease,
> and who knows what.

My whole family would not exist:
- Father, brain hemorrhage age 30, iq dropped from 145 to
75 including partial paralysis.  Zero quality of life,
although he did live till age 72.
- Mother, myasthenia gravis including misdiagnosis
(treated as 'nervous breakdown' shortly after my father
went in a  coma and my brother was in a isolation in a
polio machine), she died at age 39.
- Brother, died from cancer at age 29, with a tube down
his nose pumping out his lungs.
- Brother, polio in '56, survived.  The lucky one.
- Me, dm age 18, '66.  I guess I would have been selected
out, because I would get diabetes.

I am hoping that the current fad with gene mapping, etc.
will lead to cures, and treatment, before birth.

> It's amazing the ignorance that's out there... hmmm!! I
> wonder if that's inherited. <vbg>

Has anyone heard of 100+ trimester abortions?  Not for the
afflicted, but for the morons that would say such
things((g) but just kidding).

> So, you does your best, you takes your chances and you
loves all the
>children you got. :-)
> Sam
Jack Granowski
email @ redacted
A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an
optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.
 - Winston Churchill

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