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[IP] pump supplies & thanks Sara!!

I have to publicly thank Sara for telling us about Hollywood Healthcare.  As

some of you know, I have been living an insurance nightmare for awhile now. 
The last time Jess got pump supplies was last November.  January 1 her 
insurance changed to Cigna and none of my local pharmacies nor mail order 
wanted to deal with them.  To compound the difficulties, Jess has a state 
supplemental insurance that picks up the $300 deductible and the 15% co-pay.

Well I have had one local pharmacy working diligently to get approved by the

state insurance and find a wholesaler that can deal in pump supplies...all 
to no avail.  We have stretched out Jessicas sites to last around 6 days 
each and have had that horrible bad batch of batteries that Disetronic 
thankfully replaced free.  Well I took Sara's advice and called Hollywood 
Healthcare last Thursday(March 30).  I gave him all the info.  He called me 
back on Monday to update me as to the status...then called again Wednesday 
to let me know that Cigna approved, but they couldn't bill for the 
supplemental...so they were just going to absorb the cost of that, no big 
deal.  I thought I was going to faint.  Her supplies arrived this morning 
and I am so thrilled with this company I just HAD to pass this news along. 
Finally, a company with some heart.  They also have very liberal payment 
plans for those who do have to pay some...I asked for this in the beginning.

He told me the main goal of the company was to get people the supplies they 
needed when they needed them.  Now I believe it.  Anyone interested in the 
number, please email me privately. 

Mom of Jessica, age 8, diagnosed @ 9 months, pumping 1.7 years & Jarred, 9

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