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Re: [IP] Dietitians

In a message dated 4/7/00 2:03:25 PM US Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<<  I am having sort of the same problem with trying to educate my Dietician
 > about my pump.  She can't even begin to understand that I can eat what I
 > want, when I want, and If I don't want to eat at all, I can do that too.
 > I'm just thankful that she seems willing to learn.  
 And there you've summed up why I DON'T go to a dietitian!!!! Why throw
 good money down the drain to consult someone who doesn't know as much as
 I do?? They oughta be paying US for the education! >>

In a later post, Sherry disagrees with Natalie's post because there are good 
dietitians out there. I disagree for another reason: We have the ability to 
teach our educators -- so that they may teach others. Yes, perhaps they 
*should* be paying us. On the other hand, don't we have an obligation to our 
fellow man to foster a better understanding of how to control the Diabeastie?

I have been taught things by wonderful people. They learned not only from 
their formal education, but by what other patients have taught them as well. 
And now I've taught them a few things that I've learned from this list, from 
others, and from my own experience. They, in turn, pass along that collective 
of information to their other patients. 

Now, somebody shut me up before I start singing "Circle of Life." LOL

Jan (and Elvis)
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