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Re: [IP] Measuring carb content of foods?

At 12:03 PM 4/7/2000 , you wrote:
>There are two things you can do.
>1) - you can use a glucose meter (at least a one-touch works)
>2) EVEN BETTER - pick up a box of glucostix (like ketone sticks
>but for glucose only - and they do make combination
>glucose/ketone as well...)  dip it into the soda - if it's regular it will
>be black as coal in 30 seconds.....we keep a few in our D
>kit...comes in handy

Works better if you don't "test" with the meter  on the one touch strips 
you can cut one into about 3 peices and just dip the white part into the 
coke and if it turns dark purple its not diet ...  try it out its really 
interesting..  the Glucostix aslo work the same way


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