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[IP] Dietitians

S. Morris wrote:
> I am having sort of the same problem with trying to educate my Dietician
> about my pump.  She can't even begin to understand that I can eat what I
> want, when I want, and If I don't want to eat at all, I can do that too.
> I'm just thankful that she seems willing to learn.  But sometimes I get the
> feeling that she's thinking I'm full of crap the whole time I'm explaining
> things to her.  I also have to remember what the majority of her diabetic
> patients are like too......either type II or still on 2 shots a day and in
> poor control.  We always end our appointments by stressing the saying that
> "Knowledge is Power".

And there you've summed up why I DON'T go to a dietitian!!!! Why throw
good money down the drain to consult someone who doesn't know as much as
I do?? They oughta be paying US for the education!
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