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Re: [IP] comments

Ask the teacher why she would have kids knowing there is ignorance in her

 My father was Diabetic, he had four kids and yes his last one developed
Diabetes.  In Choosing a mate, in deciding to have kids, in deciding how
many kids to have.  These are all decisions people have to make.  After ten
years of trying to live as normal of a life as possible with Diabetes, and
succeeding if I may say so.  I understood that I had to do certain things to
minimize the chance of developing complications.  These things had no
bearing in deciding who I would marry or if I would have kids.  The woman
that I asked to be married to me new I had Diabetes, my mother tried to
scare her of with the Diabetes but we both decided that was the way it is.
When we decided we wanted to be with each other it did not matter if I was a
Diabetic or she was short, or I was fat.  It was that we decided to spend
our lives together and to share those lives.

Taking care of yourself as a Diabetic is something we all have to do.  We
all need to learn what ever there is to learn to take care of our Diabetes.
There are problems Diabetics develop and we must learn to deal with them.
For me it is not any different than someone who has real oily hair or has
other everyday problems that they learn to deal with.

My life has been a perfect successes.  I have two daughters, 17 & 19, who
are very talented in many ways and are showing me that we have taught them
to be caring people.  They have many possibilities ahead of them.   I sure
am glad I didn't listen to anyone who could have been so ignorant as to say
to me why on earth we had them, knowing there was diabetes in our family!

Live your life for yourself not your diabetes!!

Tom Carlson, 33 years Diabetic, almost 4 months on the pump

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Subject: [IP] comments


>When my daughter was in 2nd grade, her teacher asked me why on earth we had
>her, knowing there was diabetes in our family!

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