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RE: [IP] insensitive comments

I have to kind of follow with Sara on this one...

My husband once in a while calls me "Sweetie" or "Honey" and he isn't
thinking at all about my diabetes.  Since it isn't a regular pet name for me
it usually means he wants something. :)

Maybe the ex was nervous and wanted to make a funny, or maybe she was still
sore about the breakup and wanted to say something a little raw...

I find that I rarely become sensitive by peoples comments because if I was I
would become hypersensitive.  Also, if I find I tend to kindly educate
people about it.  Although some people can be dense.

My office manager stocks our breakroom with candy, mostly chocolate, and
soda.  Us software engineers need this kind of fuel. :)  She told me one day
that she felt bad that there wasn't anything for me, so she bought two large
containers of Sorbee Crystal Light Candies.  Little did she know I was the
main drainer of the bite size snickers! :)  But now that I am dieting it is
nice to have around. I had a conversation with her weeks earlier about being
diabetic and how carbs are carbs etc.  Still she needed to buy me "diet"

Oh well,
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